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Jingle Jams. An eclectic assortment of holiday tunes, from the new and quirky to the classic.

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Join Talia Schlanger as she navigates the World Cafe through performances and interviews with celebrated and emerging artists.

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24/7 Musical discovery. A unique mix of emerging and heritage blues, rock, world, folk, and alt-country artists.

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Make the Most of Your Amazon Echo Device Smart Speaker

Echo Dot is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses Alexa to play music, make calls, send and receive messages, read the news, set alarms, listen to WXPN, and more!

Echo Devices can hear you from across the room, even while music is playing. When you want to use Echo Device, just say the wake word "Alexa" and Dot responds instantly.

How to Listen to WXPN On Your Echo Device

After you set up your Echo Device, you can say "Alexa play WXPN" and Alexa will start streaming the WXPN broadcast live via TuneIn. However, you can only unlock our vast archives of podcasts and shows by enabling the WXPN skill.

To activate the WXPN skill, say "Alexa, enable WXPN!"
Alexa will confirm by saying "Welcome to the WXPN Skill." Once the WXPN skill is enabled, you can tell Alexa many different prompts to listen to WXPN content.

  • First, try saying "Alexa, tell WXPN to listen live" to listen to our live broadcast.
  • Next, try saying "Alexa, tell WXPN to browse programs" to hear the full list of WXPN shows you can listen to on demand, including Sleepy Hollow, Free at Noon, Folk Show, Local Show, Land of The Lost, and more! Or, say "Alexa, tell WXPN to list podcasts" to hear a list of WXPN podcasts like World Cafe, Dan & Dan, and Kids Corner.
  • Once you pick out a program or a podcast that you'd like to hear, say "Alexa, tell WXPN to play <PROGRAM NAME>" or "Alexa, tell WXPN to play <PODCAST NAME> podcast."
  • While playing a program or podcast, you can skip forward to the next archived show by saying "Alexa, next." To skip backward to the previous show, say "Alexa, go back."
  • You can also live stream WXPN2 by saying "Alexa, tell WXPN to listen to WXPN2."

For more information or to manually install the WXPN skill, check out the WXPN Alexa Skill on Amazon .

Complete list of commands:

  • "Alexa, tell WXPN..."
  • “To listen live."
  • “To listen to XPN.”
  • “To listen to WXPN.”
  • “To listen to WXPH.”
  • “To listen to XPH.”
  • “To listen to WXPJ.”
  • “To listen to XPJ.”
  • “To listen to XPN2.”
  • “To listen to WXPN2.”
  • "To browse programs."
  • "To play the World Cafe podcast."
  • "To play the Dan and Dan podcast."
  • "To play the Kids Corner podcast."

  • For instructions on interacting with this skill, say "help."

    Need help? We've got you! You can say "Alexa, help" for additional instructions. You can also email the WXPN Member Services Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us during business hours at 1-800-565-9976.