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3:40-- NoPithyNickname: Is it too late to squeeze a request for Diamanda Galas?
3:41-- Johnny Quest: Blitz!
3:44-- Johnny Quest: Where does this one fall on the countdown? ;)
3:47-- NoPithyNickname: Did I miss the perennial Oingo Boingo Dead Man's Party?
3:47-- Boy Stress: Thank You this Delta 5? No....
3:47-- Robert.Drake: yep
3:48-- Boy Stress: Wow!
3:49-- Boy Stress: Wow! :) wow & wow
3:49-- BoojiBoy: On our feet!
3:49-- BoojiBoy: I saw him
3:49-- Boy Stress: LOTL Rules! Raise your lighters
3:54-- BoojiBoy: Thanks, Robert!
3:54-- BoojiBoy: Hope to see you soon
3:54-- Johnny Quest: Classics! G'Nite all
3:54-- Robert.Drake: Nite everyone!
3:55-- Johnny Quest: Happy Halloween!
3:55-- BoojiBoy: Doody Now
3:55-- Guest_8085: Thank you RD!!!
3:55-- DoverPoet: Thank you, Robert - it's still so good to be able to listen to this - even though it's not on my radio anymore, but on the internet - makes me feel less homesick! Love this show so much - thank you again.!
3:56-- BoojiBoy: YAY! NUMAN
3:57-- BoojiBoy: Good night, kids.
3:58-- Johnny Quest: See ya Booboy
3:59-- Johnny Quest: Back on Black Friday
3:59-- NoPithyNickname: Thank you, Robert, for another great show. Have a Happy/Scary/Creepy/Spooky/Sad Halloween, everyone. It's your pick.
3:59-- Destiny: i wont be back on Black friday. ill be in Atlantic city
4:00-- Johnny Quest: text in anyway
4:00-- Destiny: good night everyone :-*
4:01-- Boy Stress: thanks & goodnight! great show as always
4:01-- Johnny Quest: Witching Hour 0:00
4:02-- Johnny Quest: Enjoy yr SamHain!
4:29-- Guest_7408: If anyone is still in here, what were the next couple songs after the klause nomi song?
4:32-- Guest_7408: before the rocky horror
6:52-- Guest_6368: :P
23:18-- Guest_6582: anybody know of a pat metheny song played on friday 10/14 around 7?
21:36-- Ministry: Where can I tune in?
21:36-- Ministry: And how come when I click the archives it doesn't play music?


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)

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