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23:12-- 1983: i haven't heard it yet despite it being in my itunes
23:12-- 1983: what's the consensus on it?
23:13-- Guest_8898: LOL OK
23:13-- Guest_8898: It's alright.
23:18-- Ectomorph: Reproduction? Travelogue?
23:20-- Listening in WC: Visage... Nice...
23:20-- Radio Girl: Hi hi hi My Losties!
23:32-- joy: just turned on Robert home?
23:33-- Radio Girl: He's on the air
23:35-- joy: thanks, Radio
23:36-- Radio Girl: Not a problem!
23:41-- Guest_2928: So, what did everyone choose as their #1 song of all time?
23:42-- 1983: great choice for Blondie!
23:42-- joy: never easy to choose just one song
23:42-- Radio Girl: Nope :)
23:43-- Radio Girl: I was digging that set of MAdness :D
23:43-- Guest_2928: This time I chose Bela Lugosi's Dead by Bauhaus
23:43-- 1983: The first song I put on the list was This Charming Man
23:43-- 1983: soooo hard to pick ten
23:44-- 1983: could picked 100!
23:44-- 1983: 1000!
23:44-- 1983: haha
23:45-- joy: bauhaus is a good one
23:45-- Guest_2928: Yep. So true.
23:51-- Guest_2928: Good song.
23:53-- Radio Girl: It's hard to pick 10
0:05-- Guest_2928: Good Night!
0:13-- Dr. Boots: GREETINGS ALL!
0:14-- 1983: Hallo!
0:34-- 1983: Yay for The The posters on the wall :)
0:36-- Guest_3392: I remember that Liberty Bell Park show, I was there. Great Memories. Only show I have been to that a band played the same song twice,
0:36-- Guest_3392: Can you mane it?
0:37-- Guest_3392: Oops, name it
1:01-- JeffersonLeeEng: moo
1:47-- Guest_2109: Hi everyone where can I listen to Robert Drake on the web tonight?
23:29-- Ru ku: Shakes head


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)

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