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1:57-- Guest_5877: Sup folks! Just got in from hangin' with some friends. Looks like we missed a good show!
1:59-- QuEaster Bunny: How dee! RD's been playing chick rock that were missed last month.
1:59-- Guest_5877: Plus some other cool stuff!
1:59-- Guest_5877: Especially liked the Kid Creole post on the LOTL group! :-D
2:20-- Luis: love me some grace
2:20-- QuEaster Bunny: I'd like to see The Shumanator top that set.
2:22-- Luis: cant wait for a weekend of lotl
2:23-- Robert.Drake: it wont be lotl -- it's the Number One songs of the 80s ...
2:23-- Robert.Drake: much different
2:24-- QuEaster Bunny: All the No.1's of the 80's . . . Toto Overload!
2:25-- Robert.Drake: yea - there's a LOT of crap - hahaha
2:25-- Robert.Drake: but it'll be fun
2:26-- Luis: i still cant wait,you will be hosting
2:29-- QuEaster Bunny: Viva le Alice
2:33-- QuEaster Bunny: I remember dancing to this live, pure joy.
2:34-- QuEaster Bunny: Ure joy
2:36-- Guest_5877: I<3
2:36-- Guest_5877: <3
2:39-- Johnny Quest: 20 mins left - what's left to play?
2:42-- Johnny Quest: Nobody voted for Voice of the Beehive either, huh?
2:43-- Robert.Drake: nope
2:43-- Robert.Drake: actually one person did
2:43-- Johnny Quest: you wanted the BEST
2:44-- bluemoon4200 : I loved that version of the man who sold the world. :D
2:45-- Johnny Quest: any for Mari Wilson?
2:48-- Guest_5877: Oh god I love Section 25
2:48-- Johnny Quest: ditto
2:49-- Guest_5877: especially this song... so ethereal
2:51-- Junkman: So where can I see the top 25 list?? Please tell me Debra Iyall from Romeo Void made it.....
2:52-- Robert.Drake: she was #12
2:53-- Johnny Quest: 8 minute version? yr pushin' it
2:53-- Robert.Drake: that's why god invented a on/off switch - hahaha
2:53-- Junkman: Thank you Mr. Drake!! I can sleep tonight.......
2:54-- Johnny Quest: HAVE A GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE. Happy Spring! See yas on South St. with the rest of the zombies.
2:54-- Robert.Drake: thank you all ... see you soon -
3:00-- bluemoon4200 : Good night everyone


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)

Land of the Lost - Last 10 Played

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