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2:49-- Johnny Quest: *gulp*
2:50-- Redfelder: so next month---John Peel Sessions?
2:50-- Hotvier: Urp
2:50-- Johnny Quest: hope we all make it to 70! happy bday, deborah!
2:51-- Johnny Quest: Good Luck with the Morning Show, RD. Don't give too much weather.. Nytol!
2:51-- Redfelder: ...I hope I can retire by 70,,,yes, happy birthday to the Deborah
2:52-- Guest Mcre: perfect ending to the show, The The.
2:52-- Redfelder: Mr Quest, you know better than that...
2:52-- Scooterluv: Love The The!!!
2:52-- BoojiBoy: Good night, kids.
2:52-- Johnny Quest: C ya Richard
2:53-- Nacle Princess: one final GULP
2:53-- Johnny Quest: Knight, maLady JW
2:53-- Scooterluv: night folks! Best of luck, RD! I'll be listening in the mornings!
2:53-- Redfelder: I would enjoy hearing some Killing Joke / John Peel Sessions next month,,,,just a wish
2:53-- Nacle Princess: yay some Jaz!
2:53-- Johnny Quest: *gulp*urp* KerBear
2:54-- Johnny Quest: Night Scootz
2:54-- Hotvier: Urp
2:55-- Johnny Quest: you...
2:55-- rmrdaddy: night you miscreants!
2:55-- Nacle Princess: night all MWAH
2:55-- Hotvier: See you in the morning with my lawn mower rmr
2:56-- Guest Mcre: Oh no, this show is not like Saturday (all request ) show aka songs Shumer wants to play, is it?
2:56-- Johnny Quest: buy buy Daddy
2:57-- Johnny Quest: and Tris... ZuckDontCare
2:58-- Guest Mcre: Wait, what's the best way to request a song for this show, I really like the music?
2:58-- Hotvier: What am I? Chopped liver?
2:58-- Johnny Quest: Javi-you...
2:59-- Redfelder: good night, Johnny Quest.
2:59-- Hotvier: Ha! Chopped chorizo
2:59-- Johnny Quest: Mcre - do as Our Leader sez, join the Facebook page.
3:00-- Johnny Quest: I gotta get off my Blue Moon and go to bed. Ta!
3:00-- Guest Mcre: I see, thank you, Johnny!
3:03-- Hotvier: Night puddins who are still hanging on
6:35-- Guest_1540: «link»


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)

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