Taylor Kelly is back with an optimistic and uplifting new single, “I Am.” The Philly singer-songwriter was inspired by personal experiences, but while writing the song she realized how universal her own feelings were. The anthemic track brings together a dozens-strong roster of voices to encourage unity and the idea of “being enough even on our darkest days.”

“When I wrote this song, I was struggling with my relationship with myself. I was allowing myself to be in a toxic situation that was draining me and taking me further and further away from myself,” Kelly shared via email. “This song, for me, was a way to get back to me and to let myself know that everything I have is everything I need; that I am enough and worthy of love and life, even on my worst days.”

Working with producer Robby Webb, Kelly built the song piece-by-piece, recording mostly remotely with Devon Adams on drums, Matt Keppler on synth bass and guitar, Logan Roth on synths, Marc Kaplan on rhodes, Chris Stevens on trumpet, Michael Rilli on trombone and Yesseh Furaha-Ali on tenor sax. 

And the list of folks who added vocals to the track is long: Abbey Hunt, Alita Moses, Anajah Hines, Brian Walker, Camilo Machado, Danielle Avicolli, Destiny Jackson, Frankie DeRosa, Hailey Brinnel, Jesse Levy, Jim Wells, Kai Royal, Kayla McKinnon, Katie Buetel, Kevin & Lexi Uhrmacher, Kristen Fellows, Linda Frank, Maggie Gallmann, Michael Reeves, Mike Jones, Miracle Williamson, Orla Conway, Rob Delmonte, Robbie Simmons, Rosalie Swana, Sonni Schwartzbach, and Steven Perry can all be heard singing the echoing outro, “I am it all.”

Many of the vocalists are students from Jr Music Executive, a local organization that teaches Philly teens about careers in the entertainment industry and equips them with the skills and resources necessary to succeed in the workplace. Kelly recently ran a fundraising campaign to raise money for the organization, inspired by the song’s community-centric message. Listen to “I Am” below.