Dominic Angelella set to release his latest solo album Silver Dreams Don't Move Me in November - WXPN

Next month, Dominic Angelella is putting out his new album, Silver Dreams Don’t Move Me. The multi-instrumentalist with roots in Philadelphia has most recently toured as bassist for Lucy Dacus, whose warm-hued, confessional songwriting is a palpable influence on the record’s advanced singles.

In May, Angelella released “Bitter Drain,” an intimate duet with his now-fiancée, Chanele McGuiness. He plays all of the instruments on the drumless ballad himself as the couple trades verses, sharing hopes and anxieties about the future accompanied by gently plucked guitars. When the song reaches its chorus, their voices braid together in a shared refrain: “Is it too much baby too much to talk about / When we’re still young and hopeful / Write it on the wall / I’ll read it all.”

McGuiness’ voice ends up being the connecting thread between “Bitter Drain” and “Duckpin,” which came out earlier this month. Over a rock steady groove, the singer’s wordless “oohs” and “ahhs” meld with droning guitars to form a bed for Angelella’s conversational musings. In an Instagram post, he described the song as “about nostalgia, phantoms of your past-present-future coming to visit you Ebeneezer Scrooge style, and listening to a very specific Matt Skiba song as an adult.”

There’s also a music video for “Duckpin” set at Angelella’s childhood bowling alley, “the perfect setting for a mind palace in which various caricatures of myself hang out with each other.” Watch the video below, and listen to Silver Dreams Don’t Move Me when it releases November 11th via Lame-O Records.

Dominic Angelella - Duckpin
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