The Blues Show with Jonny Meister: 11/19/2022 - WXPN

On Saturday’s show we’ll hear more selections from the CD that accompanies the 2023 Blues Images Calendar. The CD includes rare, and some previously unissued, recordings from the days of 78 rpm records. The calendar offers old photographs of the artists and reproductions of original advertisements of the 78’s when they were issued.

Unfortunately, after twenty years, this is going to be the last Blues Images Calendar. We hear that “something” will succeed it, to make some of this wonderful old music available, but it remains unclear whether it will be a CD, or something more. Tonight’s show will offer songs from Bessie Smith, Scrapper Blackwell, Irene Scruggs (with the great pianist Little Brother Montgomery), and a sermon about a silver dollar from Brother Fullbosom, someone from the misty past that we know little about.