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Leagues Photo Credit: courtesy of Heidi Ross
In A League of Their Own

December 10, 2012 - The Nashville trio – consisting of vocalist Thad Cockrell, guitarist Tyler Burkum, and percussionist Jeremy Lutito – produces ethereal joy explosions of pop and rock quite unlike that of their contemporaries.

Due largely to the band’s approach to songwriting and overall idea of musicianship. Cockrell, Burkum, and Lutito are inspired by songs rather than artists. Thus, their own songs are crafted with that same intention: to inspire others in a unique way. The band’s self-titled EP, released in 2011, garnered much praise and recognition for this philosophy. Leagues’ debut full-length album You Belong Here, set to be released January 29, hopes to have a similar reaction.
Leagues has opened for bands such as The Fray and has toured with musicians like Mat Kearney and Matthew Perryman Jones. In advance of its release, the official music video of You Belong Here’s first single, “Spotlight,” recently premiered on MTV Hive. In addition, Leagues will be performing a special CD release show on February 1 at Nashville’s Mercy Lounge. The band is also planning to launch a national tour this winter.


Leagues / “Spotlight” / You Belong Here
Leagues / “Magic” / You Belong Here

Recent Release: You Belong Here
Release Date: 1/29/13

Tyler Burkum
Thad Cockrell
Jeremy Lutito

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