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The Henry Millers

The Henry Millers Photo Credit: courtesy of artist
The Henry Millers create a unique sound combining several popular genres - indie rock, electronica, dance, and gospel.

December 17, 2012 - Author Henry Miller was famous for creating his own genre of literature out of many preexisting ones. Similarly, musical group The Henry Millers creates a unique sound combining several popular genres: indie rock, electronica, dance, and gospel.

The band resides in New York City and consists of five members: John McCallum on vocals/synth/guitar, Katie Schecter on guitar and vocals, Philip Nuttle on bass, JJ Lindenthal on piano/organ/ synth, and Dan Kirschen on drums. The quintet draws influence from a range of artists, from The Beatles and David Bowie to Modest Mouse and The Smashing Pumpkins. McCallum is responsible for writing the majority of the group’s music. This past November, The Henry Millers released its debut album, Daisies. In addition, the band has come out with several music videos for songs from the album, including “Diamonds,” “Predator,” and “Mr. Flash Gordon.” The Henry Millers were also involved in the Renew York & Renew Jersey campaign, collaborating with other artists on an album that raised money for victims of Hurricane Sandy. Recently, the band has been playing shows all over New York with a variety of musical acts.


The Henry Millers / Mr. Flash Gordon / Daisies
The Henry Millers /Diamonds / Daisies

Recent Release: Daises
Release Date: November 20, 2012
Label: Ropeadope