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Kail Baxley

Kail Baxley Photo Credit: courtesy of artist
Essentially, the guitar became Baxley’s addiction

January 7, 2013 - Growing up in one of the most remote, backwater towns in South Carolina, KaiL Baxley is attempting to captivate listeners around the world with his upcoming album Heartstroke/The Wind and The War (Forty Below Records) on February, 2013.
Categorized as a blues artist who intersects his musical style with alternative beats and hip-hop rhythms, Baxley offers a unique and fresh perspective to his music. In his small town of Williston, South Carolina, Baxley was raised in the iconic James Brown’s home town. Having interacted with the legend on numerous occasions when he was younger, Baxley attributes a significant portion of his success to Brown for inspiring him to share his music with the world. Interestingly, an accomplished amateur boxer in his youth, Baxley started his musical career after receiving a guitar, from his godfather, for his high school graduation present.

Essentially, the guitar became Baxley’s addiction and he never stopped his attempt to perfect his skills with the instrument. Traveling across the American south, Europe and Africa, Baxley ended up in California where he met the renowned music producer Eric Corne. While in California Baxley initially desired to compose music for film scores. Once Corne discovered Baxley’s impressive literary and musical, he urged him to consider creating a full-length solo studio album. Heeding Corne’s advice, Baxley eventually engineered a double EP that heavily encompassed his Irish/Southern roots. A beautifully haunting double EP, Baxley is bound for critically-acclaimed success. With his captivating singles “Don’t Matter To Me” and “HeatStroke.”

Kail Baxley / Don’t Matter To Me / Heatstroke/The Wind and The War
Kail Baxley / HeatStroke / Heatstroke/The Wind and The War

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Recent Release: The Wind and The War
Release Date: 2/5/2013
Label: Magenta

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