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The Vulgar Boatmen

The Vulgar Boatman- A 25 Year-Old Album So Good It’s Our World Cafe: Next

Our World Cafe: Next today is actually a reissue of music from The Vulgar Boatmen of one of their best albums You and Your Sister that first appeared in 1989. That album is getting a 25th anniversary re-issue on November 28 and we'll hear a couple of tracks from it. The Vulgar Boatmen were an unusual group to say the least. Starting at The University of Florida, they eventually became two bands: one in Florida and one in Indiana, one led by Robert Ray and the other by Dale Lawrence. The two shared long distance songwriting. Discover The Vulgar Boatmen on our World Cafe: Next segment as we play two songs including a new remix. Download our World Cafe: Next podcast at your leisure.

Session Setlist
“You and Your Sister”
“Decision By The Airport”

Recent Release: You And Your Sister
Release Date: June 25, 2009
Label: Safe House