Last week, Helen Leicht brought Ali Hoffman into the studio for an interview and live performance on XPN’s Philly Local Hour. Below, you can read a brief transcript from the full interview (which you can listen to via the XPN Media player), and listen to two of the songs Hoffman performed in the studio.

Helen Leicht: So Ali, you are from Philadelphia?

Ali Hoffman: I am, yeah. I grew up in Northern Liberties, and then around high school or middle school I moved out to the Main Line area. Then I came back to UPenn for college.

HL: So, when did you graduate and what did you take in school?

AH: I graduated in spring of ’06 with a BA in English, and I did a creative writing emphasis there which was really cool. It actually helped me get into the music industry. I took a class there that was taught by Anthony DeCurtis—who has been writing for Rolling Stone and got a Grammy for writing the liner notes for Clapton’s Crossroads—and we really hit it off. And when I told him I was planning to move to New York to pursue this whole singing thing he was like, “Yeah, I’m totally on board. And I wouldn’t say this lightly but you have to do this.”  So I was like, “Well, is there anyone I can bring coffee to? Can you hook me up with some sort of job?” His wife actually works at A&E in production. And they have been so great, they took me under their wing. I started working at A&E and then Anthony said a friend of his, Joe Rosenthal, was starting up a label and was looking for talent so he hooked me up with an audition and the rest is history. It all started at Penn.