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WXPN Musicians On Call (MOC)

: WXPN Musicians On Call In Action

It’s no secret that music can help you feel better. 

That’s why WXPN Musicians On Call brings music to the people who need it most: hospital patients.
Drawing on WXPN’s strong relationship with the local music community, volunteer musicians have played for 145,000+ patients and their caregivers in the Delaware Valley since 2004.

With COVID-19 restrictions preventing or limiting in-hospital patient visits, bringing live and recorded music to the bedsides of patients and their caregivers is more important than ever.

Thanks to our virtual programs, MOC has been able to provide programs directly to patients and caregivers and deliver access to music that supports the healing process by improving mood, pain tolerance and mental outlook, and providing a human connection.

Here is what WXPN Musicians on Call is doing:

  • Virtual Bedside Performance Program brings volunteers guides and volunteer musicians directly to patients and caregivers through 1×1 intimate performances and hospital-wide concerts.  By utilizing video conferencing technology, volunteer guides host a 30- to 60-minute live session with performances from a volunteer musician. Guides and musicians interact, tell stories, and can even answer patient questions passed to them from hospital staff.
  • Deploying Music Pharmacies that include digital tablets equipped with streaming services and top-of-the-line headphones to provide patients access to music right at their bedside. Each Music Pharmacy is provided to hospitals completely set up, and ready for patient use – complete with helpful materials for program management including instructions as well as logs for tracking tablet usage. All equipment has been carefully selected to be easily sanitized between use. Interested hospitals can apply now.
  • Sharing #MOCheals Playlists created by volunteer musicians from across the country who have come together to dedicate a song to aid the healing process. This playlist is intended to bring joy to patients, hospital staff, or anyone who may feel isolated, lonely or just in the need of a pick-me-up as a result of the pandemic.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, the Virtual Bedside Performance program has reached 4,598 individuals (inclusive of patients, family, and hospital staff), another 7,500 individuals have taken advantage of the Music Pharmacy at their hospital site, and the #MOCHeals Playlist has been viewed 12,234 times on YouTube. (Photos courtesy of Musicians On Call)

Some of my most meaningful moments as a musician have been with WXPN Musicians On Call. — Amos Lee
: Musicians On Call Reflections

WXPN Musicians On Call is the non-profit partnership between WXPN and the successful New York-based Musicians On Call program. Working with the New York office on training and bookings, WXPN calls on its community of local musicians and passionate listeners to deliver the WXPN Musicians On Call services. A groundswell of volunteer support makes these programs possible.