The members of Brooklyn’s Vivian Girls recently released their third album, Share The Joy, this spring. Though the record is uneven at times, the moments when the trio trades its standard lo-fi past for irony, bite, and undeniable hooks prove that it’s still worth listening to, even if some of the hype has faded. Share The Joy’s best song is easily the ’60s throwback “Take It As It Comes,” a track that is successful as a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the overuse of the retro girl-group shtick, but also as a genuinely good pop song. The song’s strengths are also Vivian Girls’, in that they’ve found a way to be both winking and catchy, sarcastic and likeable. Vivian Girls performs with Widowspeak and Ninjessa at 9 p.m. at Johnny Brenda’s; tickets to the 21+ show are $12.