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Pat Troxell of the Phonographic Arts Philadelphia booking collective (and drummer of Creepoid) just dropped us a line to let us know that Phonographic Arts’ time at Little Bar has come to an end, and they’ll immediately be moving over to The Level Room in Center City. According to Phonographic Arts’ website, all shows previously scheduled to take place at Little Bar (beginning with Thursday’s performance by Boogiewitch and Spacin, as well as the New Year’s Eve showcase featuring Bleeding Rainbow, Eternal Summers, Creepoid, Slutever, Fire In The Hearts And Minds, Pink Skull, and Exploding World) will now be held at The Level Room. From Pat:

The Level Room  will provide Philadelphia with three floors of live entertainment. This will feature DJ events, and performing arts. The much anticipated New Years Eve’s performances by Bleeding Rainbow, Eternal Summers, Creepoid and many more through the Jan 20th Art Exhibit opening from Philadelphia Photographer Matthew Gallagher

We would like to express our out most appreciation for all the support which we have received and look forward to the future.

See ya in 2012 on the up and up.

It’s definitely an interesting (and sudden) development, given that Little Bar has been hosting Phonographic Arts shows—including last Saturday night’s Bands In The Backyard Episode 5 party (featuring Break It Up and Psychic Teens)—until, well, just now. It’s made even more interesting by the opening lines in the email (which has since been posted to Phonographic Arts Facebook page), in which Troxell states, “On Tuesday, Dec. 20th, 2011, with the intention of pursuing to become a dance club, the owner of Little Bar terminated all management. This also included Phonographic Arts Booking. In turn, Phonographic Arts and the entire Little Bar Staff have lifted their roots to plant them firmly in Center City Philadelphia.”

More details to come soon. You can listen to our Key Studio Session with Creepoid here; our interview with Troxell can be found here. Phonographic Arts Philadelphia’s upcoming schedule is posted below.

Dec 30th Silvox #2 with Mark Lord, Coppertone + DJs Matt Korvete and Robert Francisco @ LEVEL ROOM 21st & Market
Dec 31st Bleeding Rainbow, Eternal Summers, Creepoid, Slutever, Fire in the hearts and minds, Pink Skull, Exploding World @ LEVEL ROOM 21st & Market 8PM 21+
Jan 5th Weekends(Baltimore), Sweet Tooth(NYC), Death Rattle, Beef@ LEVEL ROOM 21st & Market 9PM $7 21+
Jan 6th Grey March(Baltimore), Auctioneer @ LEVEL ROOM 21st & Market 9PM $7 21+
Jan 8th Sat. Nite Duets, Sharkula, ghost ship @ LEVEL ROOM 21st & Market 9PM $7 21+
Jan 11th Little Big League, Cozy Galaxies, Porches @ LEVEL ROOM 21st & Market 9PM $7 21+
Jan 11th Acid Kicks, Leather, Harsh Vibes, Wild Child @ Silk City $7 9PM 21+
Jan 12th Cult of Youth, Anazazi, SGNLS @ LEVEL ROOM 21st & Market 9PM $8 21+
Jan 13th Slowdance(NYC), Mike Viser @ LEVEL ROOM 21st & Market 9PM $8 21+
Jan 14th Negative Department, The only ghost in town, Pray for Polankski, Sure juror @ LEVEL ROOM 21st & Market $7 8PM
Jan 21st SILVOX #3 @ LEVEL ROOM 21st & Market
Jan 22nd Heavy Medical, L.U.N.A.R. Revolt, Dong Johnson, DBRC(NYC)@ LEVEL ROOM 21st & Market 9PM $7 21+
Jan 24th Brain Slug, Heathen Reign, This is Jazz @ Silk City $6 8PM 21+
Jan 27th Haldol, Biblethumper, We are all savages @ Emoda Gallery 8PM $5 All Ages
Jan 29th VYGR, Summer Love, Quiet Arcs, fire in the hearts and minds @ LEVEL ROOM 21st & Market 8PM $7 21+
Feb 8th True Gold, The Sea around us, Store Cats @ Silk City $6 9PM 21+

—Matthew Borlik

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