Changes in an artist’s style of sound can signify many things. In Kathleen Edwards’ case, the transition from pure Americana to a softer, indie-rock-oriented feel reveals the heartache and dismay that resulted from her toll-taking divorce. Edwards’ latest album, Voyageur, is the telling of her recent split from musician and producer Colin Cripps; the album was produced by her new romantic interest, Bon Iver front man Justin Vernon. (Hence the heavy indie-rock influence.) “Change The Sheets,” the first single from “Voyageur,” is a moving and mournful song that conveys exactly what it was meant to, with Edwards’ crystal-clear vocals and dejected, almost defeated lyrics. As Edwards leaves a complicated relationship behind, she simultaneously delves head-first into a lighter, more refreshing sound. Kathleen Edwards performs with Hannah Georgas at 8 p.m. at World Café Live; tickets to the all-ages show range in price from $29 to $39. —Lisa Henderson