Change has always been one of the driving forces behind Mates Of State. The husband-and-wife synth-pop duo of Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel is known for constantly switching things up, including abrupt tempo variations and the decision to ditch the electric organ—one of the band’s instruments of choice—on its fifth studio album, Re-Arrange Us. It makes sense that a 14-year-long career would demand adjustments along the way, especially with two young daughters added to the mix, forcing Gardner and Hammel to bring them along on tour. Even with all of these incessant alterations, fans can still anticipate the upbeat, lighthearted sound they’ve come to expect. Mates of State performs with Sean Bones and East Hundred at 8:30 p.m. at Union Transfer; tickets to the all-ages show are $15. —Lisa Henderson

Also Playing: Lady + Slutever, The Jantiques, El El at The Trocadero (9 p.m., 21+, $10)