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Davy Jones, the one-time teen idol who was the lead singer of The Monkees, has passed away. He was 66 years old. We reached out to Jerry Blavat, The Geator With The Heater, host of The Geator’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Rhythm and Blues Express (Saturdays at 6 pm on WXPN) to talk about Davy. In March 1968, The Geator appeared on an episode of The Monkees called “Some Like It Lukewarm” where the band enters a talent contest sponsored by a local radio station. The Geator plays the radio station’s general manager. In October 1968, The Monkees made an appearance on The Geator’s television show, Jerry’s Place, to promote their new album at the time, HEAD. Talking about Davy Jones and The Monkees, The Geator had this to say:

Out of all of the guys in The Monkees, Davy was the most likable and the most fun. People ask me what their legacy was. Their legacy was they were our American answer to The Beatles – more fun, cutting it up, psychedelic. When people think of The Monkees I really believe they think about Davy Jones. I remember when they came by Jerry’s Place. You know who was with them? A very young Jack Nicholson. We did the show at WFIL (tv studios) and if you remember when the show starts I do this dance. So, Jack was standing at the studio door where I always came out of to start the show and I’d dance out the door, right up the ramp on one leg. At the end of the show Nicholson said to me: ‘Geator, how did you do that?'” But Davy, he’ll be missed. I had a lot of fun when I did their television show.