You can listen to White Rabbits’ latest album, Milk Famous, via streaming audio over at NPR Music. From our review of the album (which also ran on NPR Music):

The ominous opener “Heavy Metal” crackles with nervous energy; in four and a half minutes, the song throws out enough skittering synth loops, deafening guitar blasts and paranoid lyrics to leave you looking over your shoulder.

Getting a listener’s attention is one thing — maintaining it is another altogether. Thankfully, the band has learned a few lessons about hanging onto momentum. The jagged guitar riffs in “I’m Not Me,” the off-kilter drum beat of “Everyone Can’t Be Confused” and the guttural bass line of “Temporary” aren’t the newest tricks in the bag, but they provide enough variation throughout Milk Famous to keep the album interesting past its grabby opening moments. It’s those little details, combined with the band’s playfulness and lyrical charm, that result in White Rabbits’ most consistent record to date: Milk Famous grabs listeners from the get-go and keeps them spinning in circles, leaving them to guess which of the band’s many faces it’ll show next.

You can listen to the album and read the full review hereWhite Rabbits performs with Tennis and Daughters at 8 p.m. at Union Transfer; tickets to the all-ages show are $15.