From NPR Music:

Simone Felice’s narrative songwriting style is all the more powerful when his life story is taken into account. He suffered a brain aneurysm at age 12 that should have rendered him musically incapable. Instead, he went on to become the drummer and one of the primary songwriters for The Felice Brothers, a band he started with his brother Ian in 2001. Though he played punk music as an adolescent, Simone Felice found his stride in folk music and before long, The Felice Brothers had an internationally recognized name.

Felice turned to music after every tragedy in his life, including the loss of a child and emergency open-heart surgery in 2010. His acoustic, lyrical music brims with sorrow but also joy. He is a man who has known life’s blessings and life’s heartbreaks and has turned his experiences into music, against all odds.

Simone Felice’s latest project is a self-titled solo debut. The album will be released in April, but Felice will be playing tracks from his upcoming album at World Cafe Live Free At Noon. The show is part of an international spring tour he will embark on this month.

You can listen to the performance in its entirety here.

Set List
“New York Times”
“Radio Song”
“Hey Bobby Ray”
“If You Ever Get Famous”
“You & I Belong”
“Courtney Love”
“One More American Song”