Our video-blogger friends at Bands In The Backyard are big supporters of Philadelphia music, even when they’re in Austin. For its inaugural (and unofficial) SXSW showcase—which was presented by WXPN and The Key—BITBY put a half dozen Delaware Valley artists on a backyard stage (more like a back porch) in a quiet neighborhood just outside of Austin’s bustling downtown. The vibe was tremendously positive, from next-door neighbors extending warm welcomes early in the day, to Key favorite Attia Taylor performing her first-ever solo electronic set (which was mesmerizing). South Jersey rockers The Warhawks even stopped by to check out the show and squeezed in an unplanned set at the encouragement of the BITBY crew. Also on the bill were Brooklyn post-rockers The Veda Rays, Denmark indie folkie Dad Rocks!, and Spain experimentalists Za!. Check out a gallery of the afternoon above, and listen to greetings recorded by each of the artists below.







Photo by Kyle Costill