Photo by Shamus MacGroggan

There’s such a sense of instant likeability to Philly’s Little Big League, it’s easy to forget that the poppy indie-punk foursome only has one piece of recorded music out there in the world (“Tokyo Drift,” which we spotlighted in a Philly Local Phile a couple months back). The next week and some ought to remedy that, though, since the band is releasing its debut 7″ in a show at Kungfu Necktie on April 29 (the b-side, “St. John’s”, is incredible), and then on Wednesday, we’re releasing the band’s Key Studio Session. It features two more songs that will be familiar to those who have seen Little Big League live – like I said, this is instantly likeable and memorable stuff – but for everybody else, it will give you another reason to pay attention to this fast-moving Philly band. For now, we’ll give you a sneak preview – the soaring “My Very Own You,” which you can download below. Check back on Wednesday, April 25, to hear the whole session.