Photo by Zach Eggleston |

West Philadelphia songstress Birdie Busch is a perennial favorite in all wings of the WXPN Philly Local world, so we were naturally excited today when we heard she launched a campaign to fund her latest release. To make the news even sweeter – this ain’t no Kickstarter.

Keeping in line with her pay-it-forward, magnanimous persona, Busch is crowd-sourcing her fourth full-length through PledgeMusic, which allows artists to divvy up donations between their own project and a charity of their choosing. Her endeavor backs the Music and Mentorship nonprofit, which pairs music students in Philadelphia public schools with working musicians and performers – from violinists to vocalists and hip-hop dancers – providing them with guidance as well as inspiration.

Take a look at Busch’s PledgeMusic campaign video below – it gives a nice taste of her new tunes through a candlelit jam session with fellow Philly folk scene peeps Ross Bellenoit and Carl Cheeseman. To find out more about her campaign, or to pledge, head here.