Brooklyn-based and English-bred quintet Alberta Cross played the World Cafe Live downstairs stage this afternoon for a WXPN Free at Noon session. Alberta Cross is fronted by lanky, long-haired Swedish crooner Petter Ericson Stakee who owned the stage with his blues/country infused tunes. The band immediately launched into their rocky song “Crate of Gold,” followed by their new single “Lay Down.” The first six songs of their set came from “Songs of Patience,” their upcoming album, which will be released on July 17th and can currently be streamed on Rolling Stone’s website. During the band’s song “Wasteland” Ericson Stakee broke a guitar string before he sang a note, but continued on with a smile, saying “That’s what happens when you break a string on live radio. It’s complicated.” Lucky for him, Ericson Stakee brought a total of six guitars and switched guitars between various electric guitars and one acoustic for each song they played. The band contiuned on playing hits from their previous album and ended their set with “Theif and a Heartbreaker,” (which is also the title track of the band’s previous album) Ericson Stakee’s guitar strap fell off, again, before he sang the first lyric of song, but he managed to recover like a pro. In case you missed their Free At Noon session, you can stream it on WXPN’s website. The band is currently on tour with Everest in support of their new album, Songs of Patience.

Set List:
Crate of Gold
Lay Down
Money For The Weekend (Pocket Full of Shame)
Come On Maker
Low Man

Thief and a Heartbreaker