Double King is the latest musical endeavor of Ryan Dieringer from the former Philly band The Powder Kegs. After 7+ years together, the group decided to go their separate ways to work on other musical pursits since last year’s full-length release “The Amanicans,” but The Key has kept track of the members of The Powder Kegs (like this recent post about Polly Hi). Dieringer has since relocated to Brooklyn where he writes all of the music for Double King and is backed up by an all-new band, with the exception of Sam McDougle from The Powder Kegs/Polly Hi on bass. He is set to release Double King’s first full length LP September 10th on the new DIY Brooklyn-based digital label, Kill The Messenger Records. This will be the first release for the label/production house and Dieringer has been highly involved with the formation of the company. The self-titled record was co-produced in Manhattan over the course of this past year with in-house producer/engineer/lead guitarist Andrew Lappin. Since recording has finished, Dieringer recently released two singles from the upcoming album. Download Double King’s “Four White Horsemen” and “Runaway” here or stream the tracks below.