North Carolina six-piece Delta Rae was a hit at the Saturday afternoon Marina Stage during this year’s XPoNential Music Festival. While they were warming up for their set, the guys at Out of Town Films filmed them performing for a small crowd just outside the festival grounds. From their website:

A large crowd of people gathered a couple hundred feet away from WXPN’s XPoNential Festival, looking onward as Delta Rae rehearsed some vocal harmonies in preparation of their ensuing performance. The crowd looked on in anticipation, wondering possibly who they were, who we were with the cameras, and what exactly was about to happen.

Much to the crowd’s surprise, I invited them to come closer to sit in the mix of the band. Although a bit hesitant to make the first move, they happily joined the band along the riverside stairs. The band asked the crowd if they’d like drumsticks, to help participate in the song that required some extensive rhythm.

Again a bit hesitant, however, the band mentioned they had more than enough drumsticks for everyone. With that, about fifteen pairs of drumsticks were passed out, and the following performance of “Bottom Of The River” occurred. Enjoy.

Watch the video below, and check out photos from their Marina Stage set here.