Whether he goes by Cough Cool or his given name Dan Svizeny, the one sure thing about this Philly experimental music dude is there’s never a sure thing. He has extensive, eclectic musical tastes, and over the past few years has dabbled in noise-rock shredders, fuzzy pop songs, electrobeat soundscapes and weird ambient excursions. When he played at the First Unitarian Chapel last year, he debuted the working stages of a quirky new lo-fi dub sound, something that we see in full effect in the new track released today through the No Kings tape label. The groovin’ “King Three” is the second track on Svizney’s new Zero, released under his own name. Here’s what the label had to say:

What sounds like a big stack of old scratched 45s the gets glitch + EQ treatment, with the delay feedback cranked, part collage, part remix, in service of the listener. Your favorite parts from unknown songs, efficiently edited and repeated plus Dan’s own grey matter shredded on top. Purchase comes with my personal guarantee that, with one listen, you will have some combination of at least three of these tracks permanently burned into your thoughts.

Check out “King Three” below; the cassette is available for mailorder here. For more, give a listen to Cough Cool’s excellent LP Lately from earlier this year.