With the release of their new retrospective CD, Fun Under the Sun, Informed Sources are emerging from the vaults of punk rock Philadelphia and reminding present-day music heads what the scene was like back in the day. Three founding band members, joined by guest vocalist Matt Mulhall (standing in for the late Joe Stack), are performing a one-night-only reunion at The Legendary Dobbs on October 6 – and they’ve spent the past couple months warming up. Guitarist Frank Blank Moriarty shared this video from Informed Sources 2012 practice space, which reveals not only a bunch of dudes who still like to play fast and loud, but and impressively packed CD shelf along the back wall. Totally makes me about the stuff it might contain. Vintage punk? Experimental free jazz? Movie soundtracks? Check out this performance of “Condition Red” below, and get more information on the band’s “When the Punx Go Marching In” show here.

Fun Under the Sun is the featured album in this edition of Unlocked; hear the spotlighted track “Imagined Fears” in Monday’s post, read yesterday’s album review; and check back tomorrow for an interview with Moriarty