Check out the photo below of two of our favorite DJ’s: Jerry Blavat, The Geator With The Heator, and Ben Vaughn. Ben tells us the photo was taken in 1996 at KCRW’s studios in Los Angeles when Ben was doing the video shoot for his album Rambler ’65, in which The Geator makes a guest voiceover cameo appearance. WXPN has The Geator and Ben on the radio weekly; iisten to The Many Moods of Ben Vaughn Saturdays at 5PM followed by The Geator’s Rock N Roll Rhythm and Blues Express at 6PM. WXPN Welcomes the Ben Vaughn Quintet to the Tin Angel on Tuesday, November 13th. Go here to buy tickets and for more information about the show. Below the photo be sure to watch the video for the song. Photo below compliments of Ben Vaughn