We don’t have any doubt that the recently announced Fleetwood Mac show at Wells Fargo on April 6th doesn’t have the potential for a night of awesome classic rockness. But here’s one we’re cautiously optimistic about – Rod Stewart with Steve Winwood at the Wells Fargo Center on April 12th. Here’s why: very likely we’re going to get the shmaltzy, cheesier side of Rod The Mod. We’re less concerned about Steve Winwood; he’s yet to record any middle of the road collections of cover songs so we’ll probably get a solid set of the Winwood/Traffic classics. For Rod, the cut off point for us stops with 1978’s Blondes Have More Fun. If Rod comes with a healthy dose of Faces and early solo material we’re going to the show. We’ll be okay with “Do You Think I’m Sexy,” and “Tonight’s The Night.” But ultimately it’s all about the set list, right? One thing we can be sure of: regardless of the set list you’re going to get a great show as Rod is the consummate performer and we’re pretty sure he’ll rock just enough hits in the show to keep everyone happy. Go here to purchase tickets to the show. Below, relive the past.