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Photo by Konstantin Fomin

When Brendan Mulvihill returned from Tomsk, Russia, and released an EP informed by his time in the cold, snowy environs, his music sounded sparse and isolated – probably not unlike how he felt at the time. Turns out Trimmings of the Hides was but the tip of the iceberg Norwegian Arms had in store. The new full-length Wolf Life A Stray Dog, out this week and available at the release show at Johnny Brenda‘s this Friday, shows tremendous growth in sound and scope. Songs easily recall the late aughties weirdo rock trend – an Animal Collective-esque echo, a Devandra Banhart style delivery. But there’s also traces of the recordings that influenced that movement, both on the American psych-folk side (vocal hints of Pearls Before Swine) and the expansive world music side (Bruce Warren observed that he hears a lot of The Indestructible Beat of Soweto on this album). In any case, the music sounds massive, and the songs are a treat – at once whimsical, yearning, sad, lonely and surreal. All week we’re exploring Wolf Like A Stray Dog on the year’s final installment of Unlocked, beginning with a spotlight on “She Lives in a Secret Town.” Listen to it below, and compare it’s spacey tones to the stripped-down original. Grab a free mp3 for the next 24 hours, compliments of the bandUPDATE: 24 hours is up. Enjoy the streaming song in the player below! And check back all week as we dig into the record.

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