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Photo by Rachel Del Sordo

Undoubtedly, this will be a most biased write-up for this week’s Folkadelphia Session as we feature Sera Cahoone. In my not humble opinion, she put out one of the best, if not the best, records of last year. It’s called Deer Creek Canyon (viaSub Pop) and is titled for the Colorado canyon of the same name where Cahoone grew up. With the concept of home and its simultaneous push and pull, the songwriter creates a set of songs on Deer Creek that runs the gamut of emotions. Cahoone’s voice together with the moody “Seattle-ified” country music endow the record with a deeper sense of feeling than most – whether regret, loneliness, giddiness, or passion – the listener empathizes more strongly. It could be the relatability of the subject matter she sings about or her immense creative powers, or probably both (plus her fantastic band), but I find myself continually drawn back to this album. I don’t see that musical magnetic force wearing off any time soon.

Sera, in this session, strips back three tracks from Deer Creek to their most bare form, just acoustic guitar and voice. Hearing her in this stripped-down configuration adds a whole new perspective to the emotions the songs conjure up in me. I imagine that this was probably how she initially wrote the songs, perhaps similarly sitting around in her living room, ruminating on her roots, feeling tinges of nostalgia and more.

Sera Cahoone was kind enough to record these songs before her concert at Newtown Square, PA’s Burlap and Bean Coffeeon February 1st, 2013.

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