75 Songs Big: Download The BIG Comp. Emphasis on BIG. - WXPN | Vinyl At Heart

Young StatuesApril 1st saw the release of a compilation of Philly bands so vast in musical talent, genre, and absolute immense length, it’s dizzying. The BIG Comp was released on Lame-O records. It includes Seventy five bands/seventy five songs, and musically has something for everyone. The compilation showcases some big names, while giving local Philly bands a chance to strut their stuff. In essence, The BIG Comp fulfills the promise of its name: BIG in spirit, BIG in length, but most importantly, BIG in the sense that every band on the compilation showcases a wide mix of musical styles. The BIG Comp is available through Bandcamp for five dollars or more. Below, sample some of the songs.

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