Samantha Crain | Photo by Chris Sikich |

All photos by Chris Sikich |

Rumbling through songs of identity and place mostly from her brilliant 2013 record Kid Face, Samantha Crain had no trouble fitting in at The Fire on Friday night. Brandishing a brand-new guitar after her previous one was stolen two nights before (marking the second time in less than a year guitars have been stolen from her) and her uniquely rich, textured vocals, Crain took the audience’s minds off of the heat with her master class in folk rock. Adding further depth and soul to the proceedings were Kyle Reid’s memorable hand made cigar box guitars and the keys and string work of multifaceted John Calvin. Crain assuredly sang during one of the night’s highlights, the title track to Kid Face, “I found, I found the way.” And with the praise heaped on by the likes of Rolling Stone this year and the rapturous applause heaped on by Philadelphia’s crowd, she has and hopefully even larger venues and grander futures are in store for her. See pictures of Crain and openers Bombadil and Kevin Killen in the gallery below.