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Photo by John Berry

Fifty-seven seconds into Psychic Teens’ video for “Bug,” guitarist Larry Ragone is standing between his bandmates in a bedroom, dressed in a bug costume with outstretched arms and a facial expression that says: “how do you like me now?” And really, that’s probably the attitude every bug has when they’re in your bedroom.

That quick shot is one of few in the three-minute video, directed by Oren Camera Hechtman and John Rowe, that Ragone and the other Teens are straight-faced aside from when shown playing along to the music. Laughs have to be extra hard to hold back while wearing a bug suit like those. Besides, It’s a pretty silly video. It also acts as a look into the personalities of these three guys. They clearly aren’t too worried about their image and how they’re perceived in this one, despite their music often peering into the dark side. The tongue-in-cheek moments of the band chomping away at lettuce as bugs do and blocking the path to the trash can, as bugs tend to do, are meant to be accompanied by a laugh. Or are they meant to thought-provoking? What if the scene of the bug-Teens scattering into corners of the room is symbolism for an opportunity presenting itself and unless you’re big enough to rise to the occasion and face it– unlike a bug– you’ll never know what good could’ve come from it?

I choose the former. This video is purely entertainment. It’s literal, funny and easy on the eyes because, come on, that’s a pretty nice kitchen.

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