Kate Faust has shared a haunting and pastoral video for the title track of her debut EP Crucial Companion, filmed in her hometown of Denver, PA and directed by Neglakay Productions.  The video features dancer Kingsley Ibeneche as the “companion” opposite Faust’s mystical spirit animal and shows the pair performing a choreographed dance in the foggy, ethereal woods of Central PA.  Though it is beautiful to just watch, the video has a much deeper meaning and connection to the lyrics of “Crucial Companion” than what is communicated visually.  From Faust:

The contrast of me being covered up vs. him being bare, his wearing color
vs. my white lace… it all lent itself to the what “Crucial Companion”
represents… the extremes that require each other so that wholeness can
begin.  “Thorn in my side/joy of my life…”  the words to this song are
a gift that just fell into my lap.  I’m still trying to understand them
myself, but I think the visual we have created is a very good start.

Watch the video below and listen back to Faust’s performance of the song for her recent Key Studio Session here.  She’ll be at Milkboy Philly on Saturday, September 14th with Elegant Animals and Vinchelle Woods; tickets and information can be found here.