Jones, filming “Future Ghosts” (image via Facebook)

“Of all the men I loved, you were never one,” croons Eliza Jones, self-assured, in the opening lines of “Future Ghost,” smoke ensconcing her face. “All the roots that held, that never see the sun.” On the surface, this is a song about unrealized potential—clouds covering sun, bells that never rung. “The life you chose is not the one you’ve become,” she continues, her voice ringing out resonantly. Yet it’s also a song about possibilities, and controlling one’s own destiny. As each instrument joins in, the video shifts, and we’re presented with a new vision of Jones—sitting on a couch, looking classy; sprawled out on the grass, sun illuminating her face; hula-hooping in an empty lot.

This video was directed by Nate Johnson, who also directed their 30-minute short video, Small Stories (which you can check out here.) It was shot all in one day, with several costume changes and haircuts, in West Chester, PA. Jones notes that all the locations were within a 5 mile radius of each other.

As for our favorite Jones persona? I’m personally fond of the laying-in-a-field Jones, whose flow-y hair and serene expression matches the song’s lush, flow-y feel. With Buried Beds as your creator, you can rest assured your future is lovely.

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