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photo by Brian Hamelman Slutever have shared a new single, “White Flag,” that you can listen to below. The punk rock duo, Nicole Snyder and Rachel Gagliardi, are releasing the single on Quiet Year Records. The band did an interview with The Media in which they discussed what transpired in their lives in Philly that inspired their new song. As they tweeted: “NEW SONG!!! NEW FEELINGS TO EXPRESS!!! we love you”

The Media: Is the song more or less about Philly?

Rachel: I didn’t write the song so it’s hard for me to say, but I will say we recorded it at a very transitionary time. Nicole had decided to move to Seattle and we both had grown pretty apathetic towards Philly. Its a very small scene and in a lot of ways that was super helpful when we were first starting out-we had a close group of our friends bands to play with and there was a great community of people supporting DIY music. Slutever is very much a product of the environment it was created in and I think once the environment started feeling stale it was hard for us to write new songs. I think our new material very much reflects how we were feeling-burnt out, stifled, and ready for a change.

Nicole: It’s less about Philly and more just the way Philly was making me feel. I felt stuck. I think if I lived in any place for so long I would have felt the same way. I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, went to school in the city, and lived there for two years after that…it was too much. I guess Philly does have some unique attributes that contributed to the specific problems I was having. It’s really small. I was seeing the same people every day because I worked at two places that were a block away from each other, and I lived right down the street from there. The monotony of my daily routine was killing me. Philly’s also fairly easy to live in, financially speaking, compared to other cities like New York. I was pretty comfortable. There was nothing kicking my ass or motivating me to leave the couch. I was having this constant grass-is-always-greener issue, where if I didn’t leave the house, I would feel bad about myself, but when I did go out, I was just sort of absent-minded and wanted to go back home. It just got to a point where I didn’t want to do anything but get stoned and watch TV. I was pretty depressed.

Read the entire interview here via The Media.

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