Terrible Friends | Photo via www.terriblefriends.bandcamp.comMullica Hill, NJ-based outfit Terrible Friends are vying to impress on their latest EP Leaving RIP City – and they succeed.  The indie rock quartet recorded the EP at Gradwell House in New Jersey during a stint in Philadelphia last year, releasing the record this past April before heading back home. “Cherylyn” is an excellent mid-tempo love song that features melodic guitar parts and infatuation-ridden lyrics. They pick up the pace and shift the mood with “This is Burning Down,” which has a Gin Blossoms feel to it. Then comes the blues. “Don’t Rattle My Cage” is the EP’s melancholic centerpiece that is passionate and emotionally resonant as Terrible Friends insist that they’re “gone and ain’t coming back.” It’s a highlight that would appeal to any Ryan Adams fan. The set ends with “Rhythm to Rhythm” and the title track which both mix quiet and loud moments that fall right into place with the overall sound of the record.  Stream Leaving RIP City below.