Known more for his brand of psych-drenched grunge rock with Dead Confederate and Diamond Rugs, T. Hardy Morris pleasantly surprised us last year with Audition Tapes, a solo debut album that explores varied conceptions of Americana rock-and-twang through Morris’s prismatic imagination. On his biographical website page, he lists a fellow Georgian, the late, great, missed Vic Chesnutt as an inspiration and influence. With Morris, I hear Chestnutt as a kindred musical spirit – idiosyncratic, quirky at times, and highly thoughtful. Audition Tapes is right up our Folkadelphia alley; it’s raw, tracked mostly live, and carries much more heart and emotion because of it.

Our Folkadelphia Session, recorded at the tail end of Morris’s tour in late September 2013, strips away the amps and favors acoustic and steel guitar instead. It’s about as close to straight country as Morris gets.