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Philly music blog Root Down in the Shadow continues it’s Cover Club series with The Fleeting Ends tackling “Tried and True,” a single from Ween’s 2003 album Quebec. The band told Root Down’s Dan McGurk that Ween was an influence from early on:

Ween has been with us for so long we can’t remember when it was we got into them.  It was definitely a young age. Goofy songs like ‘Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony?’ and ‘Waving My Dick In The Wind’ immediately caught our attention along with more serious songs like ‘I Don’t Want It’ and ‘The Mollusk’.  Ween expressed freedom in every song and showed no fear.  They are truly original.  We feel privileged to have been able to experience them and their songwriting.

Check out The Fleeting Ends take on “Tried and True” and compare it alongside Ween’s original version.

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