Philly’s Trophy Wife is many things: expressive, aggressive, impressionistic, sensitive, empathetic,  empowering and any number of attributes that adjectives just don’t do justice to. The power duo of Diane Foglizzo (guitar and vocals) and Katy Otto (drums and vocals) has roots in punk rock and hardcore – check their shared time in the D.C. scene before moving to Philly and founding the band in 2009 – but the music they create now spans so many styles. There are hints of metal, prog, noise and experimental music in their blend, and the dynamic sounds they create is perfect for underscoring thought-provoking lyrical topics.

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In the past, Trophy Wife has sung about intolerance and self-reliance (“Boundaries,” performed in this week’s Key Studio Session, hits on some of these themes) while its newest work takes imaginative departures. “Transition” is a metaphysical pondering of our roles in the universe inspired by science fiction and Afrofuturism, while the raga-esque guitar tones of “Neil Young” – my favorite of the four new songs they debuted for us – set a haunting mood to minimal lyrics that seem to meditate on strength versus powerlessness. These are raw live performance of music that will be available in more fleshed-out versions later this year when Trophy Wife releases its third album. To experience it further in the meantime, though, catch the duo opening for Pissed Jeans and Purling Hiss this Saturday at Union Transfer; tickets and more information can be found here.