Modern Baseball | photo via band’s Facebook

When Jake Ewald starts daydreaming about “something cool” that might happen on “Broken Cash Machine,” the second track on Modern Baseball’s You’re Gonna Miss It All, it’s not what you’re thinking, at least at first: “The sun explodes / we die / the world ends.” But you get it though. You’re pacing around your living room on a Friday night, you recently went through a breakup that was probably your fault – what’s cooler than a solar apocalypse at this point? Whatever gets your mind off things.

Clocking in at just under two minutes, “Broken Cash Machine” cements the tone for Modern Baseball’s second LP: all colloquial meanderings and tightly-sewn songwriting from four funky West Philly boys, straddling the line between somewhat tired descriptors like “indie pop” and “pop punk.” The track is a clear indicator of the band’s growth from the short time they released Sports not too long ago.

And while the edges may be sharper this time around, Modern Baseball still keeps around its knack for words. Looking back on that Friday night at home, Ewald still hasn’t figured it out, not that it’s likely he would anyway. “My eyes burning holes through your old pictures,” he sings, likely referring to that well-worn Facebook stalking ritual. We’ve all done that. Right? I mean, uh, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

We’re taking a close look at You’re Gonna Miss It All here at The Key this week as part of our Unlocked series. Check back in tomorrow for an album review and later in the week for a video, an interview and more. As for now, grab a download of “Broken Cash Machine” below. For the next five days, it’s a free mp3 compliments of the band.