Photo credit: Vince Miesejewski

Fans of Philly singer/songwriter Gretchen Lohse woke up to a present that’s sweeter than chocolate this Valentine’s Day. Lohse released her latest music video for her single “Spider at the Gate,” a slower-paced track with jazzy leanings: violins, upright bass, and piano lines similar to those heard in Elliott Smith’s “Bye.”

The video itself is as whimsical as today’s holiday and as simple as the track itself. Made by Mike Spano, it splits Lohse’s face to appear three different times on the screen while an aurora-like filter flows across the video matching the same pace of the song with as “many colors as possible to break up the monotony of all these snowstorms,” as Lohse put it on her Facebook page. The singer/songwriter promises an upload for her next video “All Around the River,” which will hopefully be released before the next holiday. Check out the video for “Spider at the Gate” below: