Gregory Mendez | photo by Daniel Lidon

Local singer-songwriter Gregory Mendez has released his debut single “Mexican Dinner,” along with b-side “Give or Take.”  The two tracks will appear on an upcoming EP called Songs From a Stairwell.  The Getting Sick musician teamed-up with friends and bandmates at Headroom Studio to record the album, choosing the meaningful and intimate setting of a stairwell for the tracking location.

Exhibiting a different side of musicianship from Mendez’s other projects, “Mexican Dinner” rolls along on a mid-tempo country lope with loose guitar strumming and minimal flourishes, letting the spotlight land on Mendez’s witty lyrics and Justin Townes Earle-esque vocals.  “Give or Take” is even more stripped-down, an acoustic moment-in-time that recalls a vulnerable scenario of having to beg for money.  Stream both songs below and check out a video of Mendez performing “Getting Well” with Jenna Smith here.  Songs From a Stairwell will be released this spring.