Meet Mirel Wagner and go country-noir with Joe Kille, tonight on Folkadelphia - WXPN | Vinyl At Heart

Mirel Wagner – a name, a songwriter, and a voice (oh, what a voice!) that you may not know at the moment, but I assure you, kind reader, you will. In 2012, the Ethiopian-Finnish musician released her eponymous debut, an extremely stark and intimate affair. The songs delve deep, and exhume something primal within. She recently became a new signee to Sub Pop Records. The label will release her forthcoming album this summer worldwide and hopefully to great acclaim. During the radio show, we’ll hear a song from her debut. Watch her video for “No Death” below.

On this episode of Folkadelphia, we’ll premiere an excerpt from a Philadelphia area musician Joe Kille, who we met through the recommendations of John Vettese, of WXPN’s The Key, and the Morning River Band, a NJ-based country act that sometimes features Kille as a guest fiddler (Morning River Band also have recorded a Folkadelphia Session). Last year, Kille released Arkadelphia, a record of original American primitive and country-noir songs that are rootsy as all hell. He brought a fine team of musicians in to perform these tunes for us in the studio back in October. Listen to Arkadelphia track “I’m So Desperate, Mama” below:

Every Wednesday from 10-11 PM on WXPN, Folkadelphia Radio with Fred Knittel explores the world of folk, Americana, country, and more, old and new, ranging from the fringe to the familiar to the freaky and everything in between. They also premiere an excerpt from a new Folkadelphia Session, an in-studio recording featuring musicians in their live element.

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