Roof Doctor | photo by Abi Reimold

Punk Philly band Roof Doctor released their newest album in a way that’s as sweet as the album itself.

This morning, a link to Mobile Freedom Home was accompanied by one line: “Hey guys, here is our album. We love you. We hope you like it. <3”

The band’s fans have been anticipating the release for quite some time. Since November of 2012, in fact, and the album’s intimate sound and intricate instrumentation reflect their hard work laboring in at Fishtown’s Headroom Studio.

Mobile Freedom Home is the kind of album that you listen to once through and can’t quite distinguish track by track (except for “Bottle It Up,” man, give that one a listen), but instead familiarize yourself with the sound, finding yourself humming the tune as you mosey through your apartment. Then, you find yourself wondering, “What the hell is that song called?” only to return back the 10-track album hunting through the tracks discovering additional treasures off of the album. That’s how Roof Doctor gets you.

But upon second and third listen, you’ll start to notice the small jangly, irresistable details that accompany each track’s unmistakable vocals.

Join the band and their fellow punk and/or experimental friends Son Step, Mumblr and Soda Bomb as they celebrate the release of Mobile Freedom Home on Saturday at 8 p.m. at PhilaMOCA. Oh, and of course, take a listen to the album itself below.