Photo by Andrew Strasser

Producer, DJ and mashup artist Girl Talk (Greg Gillis) has joined forces with Philly rapper Freeway to release a new EP, Broken Ankles available exclusively at Datpiff. The EP is a departure from Girl Talk’s previous releases in that Gillis produces more traditional hip-hop beats, not mashups. He told James Montgomery of MTV News:

“I had the idea to do a mixtape with someone, but have it flow like one of my albums. I wanted to do a mixtape that was pretty different from your average mixtape. Every song is connected and there’s a very distinct beginning and end; it works as a whole,” Gillis explained. “It’s a continuous mix, but the songs can work as standalones. It’s a very colorful listen, too; there’s stuff that’s more obscure soul samples, there’s ’70s prog rock samples, there’s more modern samples; it jumps around. So it represents a lot of what we were doing together.”

The EP features contributions from Jadakiss on “I Can Hear Sweat,” Young Chris on “Tell Me Yeah,” and Waka Flocka Flame on “Tolerated.” That last song also features samples of “Rubber Car” by Enon and “Dreams” by Esther Phillips.

As for the samples, Gillis digs deep into the crates for sounds from Kansas (featured as the lead in to the bridge on “I Can Hear Sweat”), Cyndi Lauper, Lumidee, Mouse On Mars, Nine Inch Nails, Notorius B.I.G., The Temptations, Tubeway Army, and Yes keyboardist Rick Wakeman. Fans of Gillis and Philly Freezer have been treated to one of the best mixtapes of the year. Girl Talk plays at Firefly on Friday, June 20th.