Frank Cervantes | Photo via

Although the (temporary) disintegration of The City Music Project was a tough pill to swallow for many fans, there has been one major positive to the band’s hiatus: Frank Cervantes has gone solo and is making truly great indie rock music.

After releasing his first solo album Forgotten Summer back in 2012, as well as the EP The Only Light, a charity record made in the interest of raising money for struggling music programs in Philadelphia, Frank Cervantes is back, and has announced the release of his new record- Terror of the Heart- due out May 20.

In celebration of his third solo record Cervantes has released four tracks from the album, available for streaming via Soundcloud. The tracks are a perfect conjuncture of melodic indie rock meets pounding, plugged in rock and roll, with heavy electric guitar riffs (thanks to Ryan Porcini) especially potent in “Gabriella” and “Pay it Forward”. The track “Tell Me (if it isn’t real)” is especially grabbing, with bluesy guitar melodies and Cervantes’ catchy, falsetto vocals carrying the track along in a cyclical motion. The title track, “Terror of the Heart”, is almost reminiscent of Fleet Foxes, with less of a “choral” arrangement, but the same style of far ranging vocals and addictive melodies.

In addition to the recently released tracks for our listening pleasure, Cervantes has also released a short documentary on Youtube, which you can watch below. Cervantes will host a record release party on Saturday, May 24 downstairs at World Cafe Live. Get tickets for the record release show here. Stream “Tell Me (if it isn’t real)” and “Terror of the Heart” below.