On “Goshen ’97,” the lead single from Strand of Oaks‘ forthcoming LP Heal songwriter Timothy Showalter perfectly captures the isolation of himself as a lonely teenager, and in the song’s new music video for the song – premiered today on The Fader – director Rick Alverson nails it in visual form. In an anonymous rollerskating ring, Showalter sits and listlessly gazes at his friends looping the room (spotted among the crowd are Deven Craige of Little Big League and Craig Hendrix of Auctioneer). We see him in other disaffected settings, smoking cigs, but when he’s at home listening to music, it’s pure bliss. “The song doesn’t celebrate the huge victories in life or mourn the heaviest memories. It’s about the moments between the ups and downs,” Showalter tells The Fader. “That’s exactly what the video captures.” Watch “Goshen ’97” below.