Gretchen Lohse | photo by Vince Miesejewski

One of the more unique live music happenings of the autumn returns next month as Gretchen Lohse and Chris Forsyth perform on top of an open-top double-decker tour bus as it drives around Philadelphia. The Double Decker Music Series was launched last fall by local tour guide and music scene regular Sebastian Petsu; the inaugural show / ride took place in October and featured singer-songwriter Birdie Busch and local experimental / jazz player Charles Cohen. Staging a show in this setting combines the freewheeling nature of an outdoor performance with ever-changing scenery of a drive around town; the music combines with the shifting skyline of center city, almost like a drive with the radio on (except the people making the music are actually driving with you).

In between Lohse’s set of haunting folk songs and Forsyth’s set of cerebral guitar rock, Petsu “will share dry wit and music history about the City of Brotherly Love.” The show is limited to 40 tickets, and are only available in advance; boarding begins at 7:45 on June 1st at 5th and Market Streets, and prompt arrival is encourages (“you can’t show up late, or the venue will be gone”); and in the case of rain, the performance will take place on Monday, June 2nd. You can check out video from that performance here, and get tickets and information on the show here.