Metronomy | Photo by Melody Chiang

Our latest Indie Rock Hit Parade session features Joe Mount and Oscar Cash, two of the four members of London’s Metronomy. After being nominated for the Mercury Prize on their last album, 2011’s The English Riviera, Metronomy came back this year with their fourth full-length, Love Letters. The album, like this session, might seem minimalistic and compact, but the emotional depth that runs through each song is anything but. Joe (on guitar) and Oscar (on keys) team up with a trusty drum machine to conjure a few of the playfully romantic tracks in our studio.

The duo gave us renditions of three of Love Letters‘ numerous standouts. The album’s opening track, “The Upsetter,” is given a tropical feel from Joe’s warm acoustic guitar. The moody shuffle of “I’m Aquarius” showcases the band’s lovelorn side, and Joe and Oscar crowd around the keyboard for a bouncy take on “Reservoir.”

Download the complete Indie Rock Hit Parade session with Metronomy: